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Talent – Unlock the hidden talent

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As a talent looking for a job, are you finding it hard to stand out in the job market? As an employer, are you struggling to recruit the best talent in a sea of candidates?  

With 52% of recruiters prioritizing their quality of hires, competition for the top talent is fierce. With Talentprise, you can unleash the power of data-driven candidate matching. Here are our top tips for recruiting the best talent using algorithms to screen and match candidates.

Focus on talent ability, not presentation

Many top job seekers have impressive experience, competencies and skills. But often, it’s difficult to reflect this in a two-page resume. But, recruiters are placing more priority on the quality of resumes and covering letters than ever before.

recruiters evaluation factors of talent
Source: Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey 2020

Talents are less likely to be shortlisted if their covering letter and CV aren’t formatted nicely. Meaning unfair selection for some candidates and recruiters missing out on top talent. So unless the job vacancy is for a Resume writer, recruiters need a better and fairer method of candidate selection.

Talentprise is a smart web platform that provides users with various crucial functionalities, driving talent selection based on data, not a format. Making the process much easier for job seekers.

The screening system also helps talents to identify their strengths and areas to improve, resulting in an enhanced candidate experience.

Place value on talent soft skills

What do you look for when matching candidates to your needs? 70% of recruiters look for previous job experience and 32% look for the relevance of education to the role. This focus is more common with in-house recruiters than staffing agencies.

recruiters priorities for talents
Source: Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey 2020

Yet, in the US there is a widespread skills shortage predicted to reach 29 million skills by 2030. Most of the missing skills are soft skills, such as social intelligence, communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, self-motivation, customer orientation, virtual collaboration and new media literacy.

Talentprise connects the best-fit candidates to hiring enterprises. Recruiters can build a talent persona of their ideal qualities. Focusing on all aspects of a candidate including:

  • Education
  • Previous experience
  • Previous employers
  • Industry experience
  • Training
  • Professional certificates
  • Competencies and skills
  • Personality traits
  • Motivations
  • Preferences
  • Values and other attributes.

The algorithms score the job seekers and provide a bias-free ranking system. Helping talent to demonstrate their capabilities.

Job seekers are scored on more than just experience. The scoring system is divided into five parts; education, experience, competencies, skills, and training and certification. All parts are weighted equally. This provides equal opportunity to a wide talent spectrum from fresh graduates to experienced professionals. The unique assessments measure skills and abilities to match the recruiter’s needs. And recruiters can find the best-fit profiles who meet their expectations.    

Test talent abilities, don’t assume

The majority of workers (54%) apply for jobs even if they don’t have all the skills listed as required.

With Talentprise candidates are screened and prequalified with an online questionnaire. Candidates are then classified and ranked based on their results.  

So recruiters can efficiently find candidates who have the skills they are looking for. And candidates have the opportunity to show their abilities. Ensuring best-fit recruitment results in increased productivity, happier staff and lower turnover. It’s a win-win situation for both recruiters and employees.

Release the potential of internal mobility

The value of internal talent pools is often overlooked. The good news is that internal recruiting is starting to make a comeback with 73% of companies saying internal recruitment is increasingly important. There has also been a 10% increase in internal hiring since 2015.

“For all the focus on mapping the external talent marketplace, the irony is that there’s not enough focus placed on the talent underneath one’s own roof.”

Head of Recruiting at Microsoft

Talentprise can store, assess and match internal Job searchers’ details as part of your talent pool. Making sure that internal top talent is always visible. Providing career development opportunities also improves retention and increases time to productivity.

Thanks to the unique privacy settings of Talentprise, both recruiters and job seekers can select who sees their details. For example, if a talent user is only interested in internal mobility, they can select to be visible to recruiters from their current employer only. Providing users with the confidence that their profile is not visible to unwanted parties.

In the competitive world of talent acquisition, recruiters must look within the full talent pool. Using data-driven candidate matching based on skills assessment makes sure the best candidates can be found quickly. And candidates need to be able to prove that they are the top talent. 

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