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Use the power of state-of-the-art AI-based technology to get as many quality candidates as you need. Have direct access to candidates who are looking for job opportunities. How does it work for Employers? Watch the video below

Recruiters want great talent sourcing and fulfillment experience. Talents want job opportunities that meet their aspiration. But with so many resumes in the market and a short time to screen those applicants, this can be difficult. 

Here is where Talentprise comes in. Talentprise is a smart talent sourcing and screening platform that enables recruiters to source talents quickly. Develops a fully customized proactive talent pool and adopts state-of-the-art, data-driven, AI technologies to match best talents capabilities with the job requirements.  

Talentprise offers AI headhunter experience to support sourcing the best matching talents, helping recruiters to source talents for immediate fulfillment as well as to build talents pipeline proactively for future use.

Talentprise addresses key market priorities such as quality of hire, time to hire, talent availability and attractiveness, and cost of hire.

job opportunities hire top talent

Quality time to hire exceptional talents

Navigate the elite talent pool to discover the matching candidates in no time. Talents at Talentprise are excited to explore job opportunities

Access Talentprise global talent pool of qualified candidates who are looking for job opportunities and eager to hear from recruiters. Build your ideal talent persona. Get the best matching talents in a few clicks. Review Talents scorecard. Review talents traits, competencies, motivation, personal skills, experience, and expertise. Run comparison between selected candidates. Build your private talent pool. Reach out to the targeted talents and next hiring to the next level in no time.

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